the know...

the latest news about the wild an crazy antics a those from the swamp...tales tall an long..

12-13-18.." Boy's released from reform school for one night out..a place called the Bistro..

                   they performed to the amazement of an overwhelming crowd..

12-24-18..the boy's help out ..

12-31-18...recovering from a week long bender the boy's set out to bring in the new year...

                unfortunately they all passed out at they are still waiting for the 'new year'

1-1-19...returned to reform school the boy's plan the next adventure..they are searching desperately

             for that 'new year'..



well after a flood ..and i do say a flood..of requests..i'm writing just an update on our

status...we're good and havin'  a time still...we're workin' on our next public viewing..

maybe right after the rights a spring..we'll be keepin' you posted..hope you're all well...