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"Either a long CD EP or a mini album - what the heck! - this five track release runs to a couple of seconds short of 26 minutes and has this five piece (and that's including Lenny the Skeleton) Oakland, California - no, surely they rose slowly out of the Louisiana bayou murk one midnight in late October? - Blues/Alternative/Americana/Avant Garde/Fusion/Rockabilly (to quote their website - these guys have a website?) band spreading their weirdness to the wider world.  Howling harp, Lou Reed, skewed stories, Tom Waits, juicy jazz, Screaming Jay Hawkins, ghastly groaning guitars, Doctor John, rancid rockabilly, Captain Beefheart, spooky sounds, Frank Zappa, back-road blues, Whitley Strieber, stop-time shuffles and Sun Ra are all in there somewhere - but in no particular order.  Is this the rise of Random Blues? Remember to check under the bed before you turn the light out..."

Norman Darwen, Blues Matters! Magazine, April 2011

"Slick Black Truck Drivin' Man plays the gi'tar and does the low volume mutterin'. T-Time provides the ground-thumpin' vibration, teaming with Dr. Dan who uses the voodoo beat stick. That leaves Gato to blow at the gates of Hell with his sax and harp. Does this information, gleaned from the liner notes of the new SwampVoodoo E.P., make you think you're in for something special? You are correct, sir! Gato's groovy sax lines and Slick Black's understated vocals make opening track "Gravely Impo'tent," about an unscrupulous gravedigger, sound like a Commander Cody/Captain Beefheart mash-up while "Heartastake" could be Dr. John fronting a blues-rocking garage band. And "Cool as Can Be" sounds like Lou Reed gone swamp rock. Yup, special! Too bad there are only five cuts on this fun debut."

Kevin Wierzbicki,, Nov. 2010

Strong stuff

On "At The Wheel a' Betty" are only five songs, with Slick Black Truck Drivin' Man - guitar/low volume mutterin', Gato - sax/harmonica, T~Time - bass, Dr. Dan - drums...but lasts almost 26 minutes because their songs run three and a half to over eight minutes.  Slick sings often turbulent rhythm 'n' blues and jazz-influenced lines with his raspy voice unfolding narratives - a derivative of cool jazz vocals.  Blessed with a rich imagination and a criminal past, he and his wife supplement their income by selling excavated corpses, then adds his wife to the victims.  Slick then ventures through tales of a vampire hunter, a poker player, a female bank robber and a lorry driver who is held by aliens.  From a smoky nightclub atmosphere his tales of the seamy side are entirely convincing.

4 out of 5 stars
Ruud Heijjer,, March 2011

Swamp Voodoo are led by self proclaimed "low volume mutterin" Slick Black Truck Drivin' Man, with fellow musicians... Gato, T-Time and Dr Dan. How's that for a line up?
The music is, well...swamp voodoo. It is indeed "low volume mutterin" over blues guitars, saxophone and harmonica. Slick Black wobbles, mutters, stutters above the sounds with stories of old dark distant past days, usually fueled by whiskey, according to the lyrics. It's all very Tom Waits but apparent influences include Elvis, Woody Guthrie and Patsy Cline. To be honest I don't know where this is going.

All the tracks are similar, all the tracks are different. Slick Black and his rockers are very clever and altogether interesting guys. As the accompanying notes proclaim: it's the orchestrated storytelling of the Slick Black clan-a family of basic outlaws and those of the type on the edge of the legal proper.

I suppose the best person to describe Slim Black's flare for story telling is the dude himself..."What can ya say...we just don't fit's like goin' to an AA meetin' drunk...not fittin ya know.....hell we been compared to Zappa..?"

It's all curiously quite good. Strange, but good. So, beat those skins, drink that whiskey and get muttering, low volume.

Mat Radbourne,, Jan. 2011

How Do You Say It?

"I love music. I love all kinds of music. The only thing I love more than music is story. I hate when I'm trying to tell someone about something amazing and lose all my ability to bring words to the page. I truly love the words and music of SwampVoodoo. These guys are amazing; there's no style of music that they don't know. They know it all, cold. Cold, like it's their only style. They know everything Latin, everything burlesque, everything rockabilly, and everything else.

They spin out their stories in mini-epics, each having its own movements and flavors. The gritty mumbling of front man, Slick Black Truck Drivin' Man is almost an undercurrent in the smooth river of jazz or samba or two step. The sidemen are perfect together. You can almost see the club's stage lights glinting off Gato's sax as you listen to it weaving through the complex counterpoint between T~Time and Dr. Dan. The bass and drums work to make a story of their own.

All the members of the extended Black clan are represented in stories throughout the site. The Outlaw Man, Daisy May, Gerome. The New York City Woman that may or may not been seen by another relation. I love them all. How can I explain to those that have never heard these songs? If I said that a guy heard of LSD when he was three years old and moved to NYC in search of mind expanding experiences, would you think I had lost my mind? Or expanded it?

But again, the best part of this amazing experience is the story. The reading of the adventures of Slick Black and Ol' Betty cannot be fathomed. There cannot be many of the truck driving brotherhood who can have seen the sorts of things that Slick Black has seen. He has met those shimmering otherworldly types, and they have come bearing...whiskey.

So join me at or at and see what I mean. I love Swamp Voodoo. I love the body moving rhythms that T-Time and Dr. Dan lay down. I love the smoke that emanates from Gato's sax and weaves right in with my soul. And I love the low voiced muttering of Slick Black. Yeah, and the alien whiskey."

Jive Priory, 7/7/09

"SwampVoodoo may be from California, but man, do they sound like they're from right in the bayou (after all CCR were from California, too). You get a strange tale lyrically, as well as squawking sax, great jazzy drumming and bass work, a tasty guitar solo about three minutes in and laid back vocals done in an almost conversational way explaining the weird goings-on in "Grifter". Dr. John, Captain Beefheart, Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Tom Waits would be pleased. Fun, different, jazzy, swampy and definitely out there."

Peter Braidis,

"With this CD Swamp Voodoo has put out a truly family album about the likes of Daisy May, Tiny and Slick Black - more dysfunctional than Disney - but hey, who wants to hear about Mickey Mouse? Rappers would be a lot more interesting if they'd take a few lessons from Slick and his crew."

Butch Kara,KZGM-Pacifica, Cabool, MO

"The little woman an i were takin' our first vacation in 30 years ,an well i might admit we was excited...booked a little resort type was wonderful an the misses an i were enjoyin' some beverages on the veranda when all a sudden from the room next door came this hauntingly bizarre then a sight i aint never seen before..the little woman got up in a trance an started ta dance all in circles an spewin' forth language a sailor would'a blushed at...i got up an tries ta calm her down ,but instead she done grabbed my arms an started flailin'em about an the next thing i knew we was in the bed all a restin' an smokin' a cigarette..we thanked them neighbors later on..they said ta thank the SwampVoodoo...we don't what that means but we did...."

Restorative Music For the Less Inclined Magazine...4/5/2067

"One night Cleatus an me we was walkin on ta the gas station cause we done run outta gas an we heard this truck rumblin' up behind us ,so's we stuck out our thumbs an tried ta hitch an sure nuff it done pulled over an me an Cleatus jumped on in..the driver didn't say no words an there was this kinda weird music on his radio but it were of no mind ta worry.. an off we went..well bout half a mile inta it that driver hit them brakes an me an Cleatus was seein' this weird glow an as the truck stopped we jumped out an ran like ta hell..lookin' back all's we could see was a blue glow..that music never did leave ol' Cleatus an when i visit him in that place with them crazies all he done say is swampvoodoo over an over an over an over agin..poor ol' Cleatus.."

Music of the Psychologically Challenged Magazine...1/2/33

" was last night ..late ..when ol'betsy started ta go inta labor n me an bertha went on out ta the barn an were all a helpin an such when the strangest a things started ta be happenin'..first outta nowhere came this music..kinda strange an swampy an then a bright glow started ta happen an then...well bertha an me still aint believin' it...but ol'betsy instead a givin' us a calf done gave berth ta some kinda alien hairdo came a poppin on out then just in a flash the music stopped the alien hairdo was gone an ol'betsy was just a layin' there like nothin' at all...we still aint believin' it..but there it is...."

Alien Birthing Magazine...The Rural Issue..8/8/88

"Last week my brother an me was out drivin' the back roads an tuned inta this weird radio station playin' this weird story bout some lil' girl a killin gators an well my brother he done got transfixed an started swervin an then sounded like he was talkin in tongues..he done slammed the brake an pulled over an jumped out n ran off..aint heard of him since..but i listen ta that station all a the time now...."

Backroad Radio Abduction Magazine...2/2/1902

"The family and i why we decided ta get us some fun an went out ta the local 509 an was gonna see us some music an this band from up the swamp..they was the band an well we spent nigh on 15.00 hard earned dollars an when we left didn't ask for it back so's we thought it ok...lil' missy even bought herself a record..."

Local 509 review magazine...5/5/55

"When we was busted for takin' stolen goods over the state line....they sat us in a room an played real loud fer pertinear hours this kinda swamp music..thinkin' it was ta make us ta break but ol' jethro an me ..why we was just a dancin' all weren't what they was expectin' an it made 'em real mad when jethro done asked'em who it were....when we git out we's gonna look them boy's up..jethro done thinks he may be related...."

Criminal Interstate Truckin' Magazine...3/3/33

"We was at this fair kinda type thing and Homer an me was walkin' an lookin' at the chickens..when we heard this loud racket an Homer went ta go looksee an he done came back an grabbed me ta go see this here group a chickens alla dancin' round an round..they was really likin' that there music so we done asked the lil' girl there an she say's SwampVoodoo i be a thinkin''s on the way home we stopped an bought us a we play it for all a our chickens an they a dancin' just like them at the fair....."

Music For Livestock Magazine...8/8/88

"It was late one night on a run back from Idaho when the radio kinda buzzed an then this weird kinda music came driftin' over the airwaves...made me stop and ask myself ...what the hell is it..some kinda swampvoodoo.I changed the station as quik as I scared me. I don't ever wanna be alone when that shit comes on."...uttered Bubba Smith Brown Jr.

Truck Drivin' Weird Tales Magazine...4/4/44

"Why these guy's are as rough as asphalt filled with tiny fragments of sharp as razor pieces of rock.Liken to 2 grit sandpaper..but ya gotta love the raw truth of the tale being told and the way Slick Black looks with his hat on. Music on a level unheard of until now."

Truck Repair Magazine...6/5/67

"Last time we heard music like this was when we were abducted by aliens and made to sit and watch David Lynch movies for an hour while they watched us..we liked the swamp then and do now...."

Alien Truck Driving Abduction Magazine...5/5/55

"We were on our way to the opera when our car broke down. While we were at the garage they had this so called SwampVoodoo music on the waitin' room radio and well me and my Maybell ...well,we kinda liked it. It just can't be played on Sunday."

Waitin' Room Review Magazine ...6/6/66...portable offices and the way ta san jose’....

"We've had abductees in our lounge before and were quite entertained by their stories...and had found most of them to be polite..but once by accident we brought a whole group at once, this SwampVoodoo group...and well we had to send them back as soon as we could..they drained our reserve of liquor in the first 10 minutes..beware they are ......different...."

Spaceship Lounge Entertainment by the Abducted Review Magazine...stardate-1-0009-90987-73563729-...0

"Couple a nights back me an Renfru was gettin' our way inta a store house an was prowlin' all round and was findin' some good stuff..we was loadin' the rig all happy an all bout our haul when all a sudden the lights started ta flicker inta on an then thru them loudspeakers came this sound an Renfru an me we hit the floor all a wigglin' an then them cops came an fore we could done be up an runnin' nabbed us an took us in...we done overheard 'em on the way in sayin' it was that swampvoodoo once agin...whats that mean....."

Psycho Music Against Criminals Magazine...7/7/77

“It was late last summer when we had done gone on that fishin' trip.. as I was ta recall there was this big ol' moon a shinin' down on the camp site me an the misses had put up..we had done good out on the lake an had some fine trout all a cookin' on the campfire as it was at this here point the misses decided ta take herself a stroll down the water way an dip her feet as she been known ta do..well I was a cookin' them trout real nice an had kinda lost track a time an started ta miss the misses an it were at that time I heard that noise driftin' on across that water as it were...strange an was drawin' my attention an I started ta go toward it.. an that's when I was ta be witness ta the most a sights..there was the misses all a floatin' out on the lake..across it as it then sure as I tell it to ya now...poof a bright blue glow an then nothin'...nothin'...except that hauntin' music.....”

Strange Tales of Fishin' an Other Campin' Hints...Bi-Quarterly Monthly Late Night Edition...9/9/54

“Clayton an me was sittin on the porch swing a swattin' at flies one night when this strange lookin' fella comes a floatin' up an he was kinda a glowin' he was electrically charged or somethin'..comes a ramblin' up ta the porch there an he had him a briefcase an he say's howdy an me an clayton said a nicety an he says “ya'll like music..” an we say” well ya...why'n ya ask.” an he say's “i have been employed in the field a sales for this here recordin' company an I been sent out ta get this here record so's my offer is ya'll can have a piece a the future for a mire 33 cents a month for 3 years an this record is yours..”..well me an clayton aint no fools but he spoke a good game an so's we went for it an well it darn near be the best thing we on a friday night instead a swattin' them flies we all gather roun' ta that swampvoodoo music an darn near loose us selves...”

Alien Sales Guide Handbook to Backwoods Folk...2/7/55

"Last sunday Esther an me done rounded up all a our savin's an went inta town ta buy us a new car..when we got ta the lot the salesman was real nice an all. Esther I think took a shine ta him an well.. he was smooth an of fine dress ,but we bought the car he showed us an we got a good partly ta Esther flashin' that smile a hers,an well.. we drove off an as we was leavin' that salesman waved us on over an hands me one a them cds an say's “slip it in while ya'll are drivin' kinda chuckled. Well off we went an as soon as that there music started playin',cross that little screen a that there cd machine comes the words..'alien hairdo' just then we was bein engulfed in a blue color an ended up here in this fine the same song was a playin'..we like the whiskey an the car,but we forgot where we done parked it.."

Alien Automobile Monthly Customer Satifaction Report and Guide...18-897-00098