Slick Black truck drivin' man
      gitar an vocal abuse..

Slick has a history as long as his police record...but never convicted...whilst drivin' roun the country deliverin' things ta those who be needin' things, ol 'Slick couldn't ever be in the way a content bein' that his mind had a tale or two pinballin' roun' his head...so with the help a ol' Daisy May...Slick Black concocted SwampVoodoo...an then put all the problems an curses foretold bout' them boys in the band inta action an recruitment..along with the help a alien folk. Voodoo curses an potions brought 'em all here at once so's ya'll can enjoy this story of a lifetime...that is it..



VooDoo Beat Stick..time keeper...

So...of all the things to happen upon us here at the swamp..this one here,this one was from the Voodoo Queen herself..out of the depths an regions here unto now unknown..came D-Time...we aint quite in the way of sure about his .....make up shall we say..an not of the Revlon kind..but one thing is for sure as the growl of a gator bein' nabbed by Daisy may...the man can play them drums an beat stick like...well...like he owned it



Sax an harp attacks a the rare kind..

After a spell spent learnin' the trade craft of the fiesty an shadowy folk, Gato was wanderin' the streets an askin' any who passed by “is this it???”an then forsakin' the answers as not....whilst in this state he was followin' his feet inta a sound that drew dark clouds a light an lightin' flashin' all manner a which way an plopped him on down in the bowels of a jazz club with a crazy man whalin' in the manner so be told...Gato was struck an been playin' the Gabriel horn since the time a all...he was called ta SwampVoodoo by a mysterious chain of events that leave the imagination reeling ..an workin the gates a hell as a part time gig.....






                                                           well  now...we have on our hands...a kinfolk who has a magic about him an his ability to ground thump an make a dyin' man restart his heart...a fine feature of a man an a tad bit mysterious..shrouded in in fact as it were an has been since the beginin' a time ever forth with..Dean...



Emcee, raconteur, womanizer, rabble-rouser...

Lenny was once a strapping young lad eager to get in the “music business” and had set about to do just that, at no matter what cost.  Knowing he had to start somewhere he got a job as a roadie for a rock 'n' roll band and went on the road. The work was hard and the pay low, but he endured.  During a gig in Chicago he was offered a gig on a world tour.  He jumped at the chance and soon was on the road.  Lenny was very good at his job, but the one thing Lenny wasn't good at was getting paid.  His bosses knew and of course took advantage of this...well after a spell the lack of funds affected his eating and it began to show...after 2 tours he had lost 157 lbs and was still on the way down...his boss joked with him sayin' he needed to lose weight ...when he weighed in at 27 lbs he was at a gig and he met SwampVoodoo and was offered a job...he jumped at the chance...SwampVoodoo not wanting to change Lenny's way of life never said a word and when finally he was nothing but bones and not able to do his job as a roadie they felt sorry for him and offered him the MC job.



An early practice

Rehearsal Studio

Gamblin' Man
  The gamblin man countin' his coin..
an gettin' ready ta
roll the dice one more time...   


Slick's Recipe Corner

The SwampVoodoo
1 highly unbreakable glass
Fill with ice and my buddy Carlo Rossi's sangria

A bit o' heaven on earth

Tried Ripple and Thunderbird but found them lacking character...

Ol' Betty